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Creative Monkeys Productions is a small, yet deliberately weird production house with no sense for semantic transgression; aiming for the creation of high quality media, including Web TV, series, documentaries, short films, features, special interest shows and news packages.

We, as well-domesticated apes, are profoundly irritated by what accounts as real life and need to create pleasing alternate realities to share with other apes, while we accumulate a proper amount of the modern equivalent to fruit.

“If you have an itch… scratch it! …or find somebody to groom you.”
- Ancient Monkey Proverb

Mission Statement

Mission Control:
Send out & inseminate the world at large with new ideas, new content, and new designs for journeys that are always entertaining, always pure, and always driving towards the future.

First Up:
Jäsøn - A high concept, low budget, genre rich web series bringing to light the ethical, moral & sociological threads that we tangle with everyday. But this is no common & ubiquitous grim inspection. These themes are pulled at with sharp humor, clever observation, and an outlook towards the good that can be, rather than the bad that is. All of this is lead by our main character Jäsøn, a would be serial killer fashioned after the “slasher” icons of horror cinema, and his ever-failing quest to become that evil thing. With sympathy & laughs we watch as he never succeeds in his mission, thus highlighting the good, and singling out the vile & ignorant elements in our society.

The People:
We here at Creative Monkeys are a tight core of determination, skill & experience all bound together to create content that lives up to our high expectations of entertainment. We make what we want to see, and we make it with confidence.

The Audience:
Is everyone who has ever wanted to experience something new when clicking on an interesting link. Everyone who appreciates a good story. Everyone who enjoys a good idea. The target audience for Creative Monkeys is a vast, hungry, and ever-growing society of humans connected by this digital, borderless world we live in.

The Future:
Jäsøn is only part of the beginning. It is the tent pole on which we will erect a grand circus tent of content & entertainment. There are many games to be played & many adventures for us, as creators & audience members, to have together. The future is incredibly bright for all involved, and we here at Creative Monkeys are locked in to make it happen.


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